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People in intelligence branches tend to say that the value of reconnaissance data decreases exponentially by its age. Although historical analysis is important, having real time data available is critical for evolutionally better decision making. Human brain’s short term memory just drives our primary cognitive functions. 

We’re experiencing the same inflation when our utilities present us with 24-to-48 (or sometimes up to two months) delays in energy and water consumption data. This data is no longer actionable and usually just makes us feel guilty – for a while, as the short term memory has an efficient garbage collection system. 

Last week we were discussing with one of the largest local utilities about our services and their relation/integration to the existing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Meter Data Management (MDM) systems. When we inquired about their near future requirements and wishes, the initial answer was somewhat startling: 

“We’d like to know how much electricity our customers.. are using.. Now.” 

Well that’s something we deliver by default. The current AMR/MDM structures are too often bound to legacy billing cycles of 1-2 months. Smart meters can and will do much better, if the infrastructure is designed to be real time from the beginning. 


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