Bringing the required scalability for IoT and the Connected Ecosystems – BaseN at IEEE CQR workshop

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BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri chairs the Performance, Quality, Reliability in Mission Critical Applications session at this year’s IEEE QCR workshop in Naples, Florida, USA. The annual event spans over three days, May 16-18, and brings together industry and academia.

Pasi Hurri is an IEEE Senior Member and holds the Vice Chair position of the IEEE Finland Joint Chapter of Control System Society, Robotics and Automation Society and System, Man and Cybernetics Society (CSS/RAS/SMCS).

The Performance, Quality and Reliability in Mission Critical Applications session will run on Thursday, May 18. The goal of the segment is to help the participants gain further insight of the challenges in each area and discuss requirements, standards and recommendations with other subject matter experts that will help address them.

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