BaseN to speak about the importance of real-time electricity measurements at smart meter roll-out seminar

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Jukka Paananen, Vice President, Sales at BaseN will highlight the importance of real-time electricity consumption measurements at a seminar (“Äly leviää sähkö verkkoon? – Uutta liiketoimintaa ja energiatehokkuutta”) in Helsinki on April 10th, 2013. The core of his presentation will be the Adjutantti case, an unique apartment building with sophisticated BaseN-powered individual smart home energy measurement, monitoring and control systems, which are designed to inform and influence the behavior of residents in order to optimize their energy use. The Adjutantti building with its 42 apartments is a shining example for the easiness of offering consumption data in real-time to the single households and by that teaching them about their consumption patterns and encouraging a more energy efficient lifestyle.

The seminar’s overall theme is the installation of approximately 3 million remotely read electricity meters in Finland by the end of 2013, and the changes and opportunities this brings along. This development is considered as a mayor technological leap and significant improvement in energy efficiency on household level. As it is important to utilize the opportunities offered by this smart meter rollout, BaseN will highlight that electricity readings have to be real-time in order to enable real savings. 

The whole program for the seminar can be found here (in Finnish)

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