BaseN spimes TM Forum Action Week

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The most important collaborative gathering of IoT an ICT professionals will take place again at TM Forum Action Week in Lisbon, Portugal on February 6-10, 2017. TM Forum Action Week is an exclusive opportunity to innovate together with service providers across verticals, collaborate to discuss critical industry challenges, to develop real solutions, and to establish new best practices and standards.

One of the key figures in TMF’s IoE activities is Anders Viden, VP of Product Management at BaseN, who participates to plan for the year ahead. The Action Week offers valuable insights from committed industry experts to drive digitalization and new multi-vendor services. BaseN Platform enables the IoT services around energy and home automation jointly created in the Smart Life catalyst with Orange, Infonova, ESRI, NTS and Amdocs.

With its Platform currently processing close to one million transactions per second, BaseN is a full stack IoT operator, enabling the transformation from traditional products to intelligent services in any industry.

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