BaseN showcases Smart Energy capabilities at TechAdvantage

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Meet us and our partner Esri at our joint booth 1343 at TechAdvantage, taking place February 23 – 26 in Orlando, Florida. BaseN will highlight how utilities and other energy players can benefit from utilizing M2M and IoT.

The BaseN Platform powered Smart Energy system enables dealing with situations such as complex electricity outages, where the error not only has to be quickly singled out to be fixed, but also the system should enable tackling the most severe problems first, e.g. getting power back to hospitals, firefighter and police stations. BaseN Platform enables real time monitoring and control for millions of connected devices within a Smart Grid, as well as historical storage of the data – the foundation for precise capacity and equipment planning. The visualization is done via Esri’s real time maps, which allow for tracking e.g. maintenance crews as they move to the location in need of repairs.

This service setup has been also an integral part of the Smart Energy catalyst for the past three years, showcased at TM Forum

Alongside BaseN and ESRI the other partners were Hydro-Quebec, Birmingham City University, BC Hydro, Infonova, and Ericsson. The Smart Energy catalyst was once again awarded at the past Digital Disruption event for its excellence in driving innovation and industry standards forward.

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