BaseN joining Women in Tech organization

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Women in Tech is an organisation network for promoting technology careers for women. Its member companies understand the virtue of diversity and encourage open discussion and sharing of knowledge among women and men working in the technology industry. The activities of the network are free and open to all.

It is well known that women in tech companies lag far behind men in a variety of different aspects such as, salary, power, leadership, respect and representation and in almost all sectors of this industry. Even visionary or well established companies are known for their still existing gender gaps.

BaseN highly appreciates the diversity of its employees and sees it as a core asset that everybody within the organization reinforces.

About BaseN

As a global Full Stack IoT Operator BaseN, established in 2001, enables Businesses to enter the Internet of Things (IoT) by digitalizing and connecting new and traditional industry products to offer new intelligent services. The BaseN Platform – designed to be real time, linearly scalable, fault tolerant and inherently distributed – currently processes over one million spime transactions per second. Spimes are virtual master objects that control physical things in the IoT.

About Women in Tech

Technology companies need, more than ever, women’s skills and knowledge. Broad thinking gives birth to the best products and solutions. Women in Tech activities aim to discuss how women could have a larger role in creating success stories in business and technology.

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