BaseN Helps Connect Smart Grids to the Digital World

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BaseN contributes with its expertise in complete end-to-end, Cloud-based Smart Grid monitoring and management to a demonstration of a planned real-world Smart Meter deployment scenario at TMF Management World in Nice on May 13-16, 2013. The Catalyst “Connecting the Smart Grid to the Digital World” is led by BaseN’s VP of Product Management, Anders Viden, and will showcase how telecom-centric investments and products in the utility domain can be leveraged, and how utilities and other players wishing to become digital service providers in the Smart Grid space would benefit from these proven and tested products and services.

The smart meter deployment includes initial provisioning, configuration and key use cases such as tariff changes, billing, de-provisioning and re-provisioning. Additionally, it demonstrates how ongoing cloud-based IP/ICT fault and performance monitoring, and energy monitoring are achieved, how this Smart Grid network is secured and protected end-to-end, and how it integrates and provides for effective workforce management.

“BaseN’s leadership role in this Catalyst stems from our extensive background in both Smart Grid and ICT”, says Anders Viden, VP Product Management at BaseN. “The energy measurements as well as the IPv6 and Field Area Network monitoring in this Catalyst demonstration are provided by BaseN. We are glad to be among the key drivers for the Smart Grid area within TeleManagement Forum and to help find new growth opportunities in the electric utility domain.”

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