BaseN enables VolkerWessels to enter new era of energy efficiency through HOMIJ

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Thousands of new zero energy bill houses powered by BaseN Platform, managing the entire lifecycle of the houses in order to control the overall and device-specific energy consumption, are to be built by VolkerWessels in the coming years. 

VolkerWessels, the second largest construction company of the Netherlands, is changing its housing production to an increased volume of zero energy bill houses. The first houses are already completed in cooperation with VolkerWessels’ subsidiary HOMIJ Technische Installaties, and the numbers will increase to several thousand newly built houses per year. 

Each house is a system 

Through recording the entire lifecycle of the houses, BaseN Platform allows tracking the changes in energy consumption and environmental patterns over time. This enables optimization of various settings, ensures preventive maintenance in case of suboptimal performance of equipment, and gives full transparency to both the tenants and the service company. BaseN manages the collection, storage, analysis, control and visual presentation of real-time data from device-specific smart meters (e.g. washing machine, laundry dryer, stove, oven) and sensor-equipped building components (e.g. heat pumps, ventilation units). 

VolkerWessels chose BaseN Platform because of its extreme scalability, capable of managing millions of data elements per minute in real-time. Scalability is crucial for keeping up with the increasing amount of zero energy bill houses built around the Netherlands. ‘On top of being able to process enormous amounts of data, BaseN displays the information in an understandable way and ensures that all parties only see the information that is relevant for them’, says Hans Fabri, Director at Homij. 

Path to real energy efficiency 

This is one of the many successful Smart Energy applications of BaseN Platform. BaseN provides an apartment specific, real-time electricity, water and heating energy management system for Skanska’s Adjutantti, low-energy 42 A-class apartment building in Espoo, Finland, – the first of its kind in the world. 

Furthermore, in cooperation with Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat, BaseN organizes yearly Energy Family Competition. BaseN real-time energy consumption management system has enabled the competition participants lower their energy usage by over 20%. 

About BaseN 

BaseN is a mature Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider. With 13 years in continuous development, BaseN provides an extremely scalable, fully distributed, resilient, secure, and combined real-time monitoring and control platform for ICT, M2M, and Internet of Things (IoT) domains. The platform is designed for adaptability and integrates with numerous third-party systems. BaseN is the world’s primary platform for Spimes in the IoT. 

About HOMIJ and VolkerWessels 

HOMIJ s a subsidiary of VolkerWessels, a Dutch construction group with 120 operating companies. With branches in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Canada/United States, VolkerWessels focuses on three market sectors: Construction and Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy and Telecoms. 

For more information please contact: 

Jukka Paananen, VP of Sales, BaseN: Phone +358 50 387 0793, Email: jukka.paananen(at) 

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