BaseN enables Norsepower to boost green shipping to a global scale

Sustainable IoT innovation: rotor sails

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Norsepower, a leading manufacturer of rotor sails, turned to BaseN, global full stack IoT operator, to take green shipping to the next level with a sustainable IoT innovation. Bringing back sails, the old traditional way of ocean transportation, with a new innovative technology- and data-driven backbone has the power to significantly reduce the environmental impact of shipping.  

With Norsepower’s vision to have a big impact on global CO2 emissions, they quickly became a leading manufacturer of rotor sails, the modernized version of the Flettner rotors. 

BaseN provides the integration and connectivity of all legacy and contemporary hardware and software that is necessary for continuous and secure operations. The complex parameters of the rotor sails are processed and their management is almost fully automated through BaseN Platform. 

“We are very satisfied with the impressive IoT technology from BaseN. It’s an important part of Norsepower’s Rotor Sail technology and enables efficient, easy-to-use and reliable operation of our systems onboard of a variety of different ship types” says Jukka Kuuskoski, CSO of Norsepower. “Modern wind propulsion solutions such as Norsepower’s Rotor Sails require dependable technology suppliers and we are happy to continue working with BaseN.”

“This modern and sustainable IoT innovation for sail technology requires mission critical, real-time monitoring and processing as well as information output to various stakeholders”, says Jukka Paananen, SVP Sales of BaseN. “This is a very real and sustainable IoT application running on our platform. Bi-directional data flows and scalable fault-tolerant data processing even in the middle of the ocean are the foundation for next generation of ships and their components.”

Having Norsepower’s innovative rotor sails as Digital Twins on BaseN Platform, enables large ships – currently still major polluters in our waterways – to become more resource efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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