BaseN CFO on cutting edge smart homes running on BaseN Platform

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BaseN CFO, Ms Julia Khvostova will present how BaseN Platform powers thousands of zero energy houses built by VolkerWessels at the Solutions for Smart Buildings from the Cool North conference. The event will take place at Forepark, The Hague on June 5th.

VolkerWessels is one of the largest construction companies in the Netherlands. To date there are over 1000 zero energy houses already built in the Netherlands and the company started to expand their zero energy house constructions to the German market.

“For more than 10 years BaseN has been the Platform of choice for utilities and construction companies in providing reliable backend for new smart services,” says Julia Khvostova, CFO of BaseN. “With construction companies striving to offer an increasingly sustainable, smart and safe living option, BaseN offers the perfect Platform to roll out sophisticated energy management systems cost-efficiently.”

About BaseN

BaseN, established in 2001, has a proven track record of being the engine for managing millions of data points from countless sources. The core features of BaseN’s global full stack IoT platform are scalability, fault tolerance and its inherently distributed architecture. Currently BaseN Platform processes over one million spime transactions per second. Spimes store every piece of code together with all collected data from and around physical objects in the Internet of Things, enabling the creation of intelligent services around products.

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