BaseN brings Spime to Mobile World Congress 2015

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Meet BaseN at Stand 5C31 (Hall 5) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, taking place from March 2-5, 2015. BaseN will highlight how BaseN Platform empowers the transformation of businesses through the Internet of Things. This radical transformation will bring new business models, increased sustainability and efficiency to all industries, ranging from agriculture to automotive and from healthcare to product manufacturing.

By elaborating existing customer cases, BaseN demonstrates the profound effect of spimes, the core objects of the IoT, on any industry. Whereas the IoT itself is about simply connecting everything, real value comes from securely hosting complex algorithms, which analyze and, more importantly, control all the IoT things. All data coming from the thing and its environment throughout the entire lifecycle, as well as every piece of programming enabling control functionalities, make up the thing’s spime, its logical brain and therefore master object. BaseN Platform is where spimes live. Spime truly enables the transformation from product to service businesses.

Visit for videos illustrating what this transformation means for current product manufacturers.

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