A worldful of Data – BaseN to host 4th annual SPIME2018 conference

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After Amsterdam, Helsinki and Torino, BaseN now welcomes all spime forerunnerts and IoT experts to Tallinn, Estonia. The conference will take place at the Energy Discovery Center from September 11 to September 12, 2018 and registration is now open.

At the core of the event are spimes and how they enable digitalization and the transformation from product to service in any industry. SPIME2018 will focus on the IoT-driven future, ranging from smart homes to smart factories, from connected work sites to easy mass customization. This year, a special focus will be on taking spime to individual manufactured products, introducing enhanced and eternal customer relationships.

IoT developers are again invited to the annual SPIMEathon to gain experience in working with one of the world’s leading IoT Platforms which provides the developer with the capability to create services that can adapt automatically over time.

About BaseN

As a global Full Stack IoT Operator BaseN, established in 2001, enables Businesses to enter the Internet of Things (IoT) by digitalizing and connecting new and traditional industry products to offer new intelligent services. The BaseN Platform – designed to be real time, linearly scalable, fault tolerant and inherently distributed – currently processes over one million spime transactions per second. Spimes are virtual master objects that control physical things in the IoT.

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