7th annual IoT day – BaseN leading the business transformation via Digital Twins to Spime

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In 2010, the Internet of Things Council decided to establish a global IoT day on April 9. Since then, the IoT Day has served globally as an opportunity for everyone within the industry to celebrate the constant evolution of the IoT.

BaseN is a global Full Stack IoT Operator, offering an inherently scalable, fault tolerant and secure IoT Platform. At the core of the BaseN design philosophy is the concept of Spime, a digital incarnation of any thing. Spimes record and manage the full lifecycle of their physical representations as physical hardware and support software come and go. Such an object can be considered a Spime when all its essential programming is managed and executed in the cloud.

The BaseN Platform is currently processing close to one million transactions per second. As technology and solutions evolve there is a vital need for increased connectivity and a Platform that stores, manages and merchandises the spime, the digital master, of any physical Thing. With the Platform’s immense data processing capabilities, BaseN paves the way for easy mass customization of products and services in any industry with its own, secure infrastructure for mission critical applications.

We have collected some of our recent pieces on the Internet of Things as must-read articles for IoT trailblazers:

IoT-Serial Spimes

Spimes and Digital Twins

Spimes and Sustainability

Full Stack IoT into Spime

IoT – Scale and Sustain

As IoT Day 2017 centers around Smart Cities and IoT & Strategic Leadership, BaseN further recommends reading the case studies ofAdjutantti and Spinelli to understand the paramount importance of a Platform with immense data processing capabilities. Tomorrow, on the international IoT Day, we will publish our ten commandments for Products in the IoT era. It is a guidebook based on more than 150 years of combined IoT, telecoms and mission critical experience of BaseN.

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