On The Edge of 5G

Most network builders and operators are now making transition plans from 4G/LTE networks into 5G. Transmission speeds used to be the main driver for painstaking upgrades from 2G to 4G, but this time it’ll be different, as we may finally be seeing a fully IP-embraced environment without the ghosts of ISDN, X.25 or ATM. Networks from 2G […]


The IoT platform to quickly create new services: BaseN powers T-Mobile’s operational excellence

::: news ::: With the Internet of Things (IoT) in bloom, companies in all industries have to be able to quickly create and launch new services on top of IoT platforms to serve arising market needs. One of BaseN’s long-term customers, T-Mobile, recently demonstrated how efficiently it was for their own engineers to build and […]


A worldful of Data – BaseN to host 4th annual SPIME2018 conference

::: events ::: After Amsterdam, Helsinki and Torino, BaseN now welcomes all spime forerunnerts and IoT experts to Tallinn, Estonia. The conference will take place at the Energy Discovery Center from September 11 to September 12, 2018 and registration is now open. At the core of the event are spimes and how they enable digitalization and the transformation […]