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20 years of innovation on BaseN

Today, December 7, 2021, marks the 20-year anniversary of BaseN Corporation. Due to governmental restrictions, BaseN once again proofed its build-in resilience by hosting a virtual anniversary ceremony for all global employees. 

BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri presented some of the company highlights that have accumulated over the past two decades. Also, the employees shared the memorable parts they encountered throughout the years which led up to an impressive timeline. BaseN has been spectacularly successful which is reflected in the reached milestones– from the birth of the company and the logo in 2001 to having a global workforce and a record year in 2021. 

We have gathered a couple of key points that we particularly proud to share:

2001 – Birth of the company and the logo

2002 – The first servers arrived at the office in Espoo and the first customer order came in

2003 – BaseN established its presence in the Netherlands: BaseN Netherlands B.V.

2004 – The first energy measurements were collected on BaseN Platform

2005 – BaseN established its presence in the United States, BaseN North America Inc. 

2007 – As the team grew significantly, the BaseN Headquarters moved from Espoo to a lot bigger office in Helsinki and the first smart grid monitoring elements were established

2010 – The first IoT elements started to run on BaseN – even before the Term IoT was commonly known

2011 – The first internal discussion of BaseN’s next generation and patented digital twin – Spime – were started

2013 – BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri first time publicly mentioned the term Spime in his blog. This was also the year when Smart Grid and eHealth were big topics

2015 – BaseN received the highest security clearance from T-Mobile, was granted 3 US patents for its technology and started hosting thousands of new zero energy bill houses on BaseN Platform in the Netherlands

2016 – BaseN established its presence in Estonia, BaseN Baltics OÜ. This was further the year when US customer Trimble licensed BaseN Platform for exclusive IoT applications

2017 – The Industrial Internet of Things really took off and BaseN took an exponential growth by leveraging this trend

2020 – BaseN started the year by crossing one million transactions per second and also started to develop machine learning. Further, BaseN and Norsepower enabled green shipping on a global scale 

2021 – BaseN started the year by crossing more than 2,5 million transactions per second. BaseN furthermore joined a project with the European Space Agency to develop autonomous systems enabled by next generation digital twins. Aditionally, BaseN finished building a fiber network in Degerö to ensure inhabitants have a secure, ultra-fast and reliable internet in a remote location.

This was just the beginning. BaseN continuously keeps growing and we are looking forward to a bright future and an exciting twenty years ahead!

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