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The BaseN service is a next generation SaaS suite that enables you to gather system, network and cloud measurement data and arrange the information in a context that is relevant to you and your customers. The BaseN service displays the data in an easily understandable, concise and relevant way - real time and historical. A unified view of status and performance can be seen at a glance, not limited only to infrastructure, but also applications and services, such as VoIP.


The BaseN service can be easily integrated into existing monitoring and management operations. Based on open standards, and offered as SaaS, it has comparatively low entry costs. It will help to significantly reduce overall costs by improving performance and fault management with SLA assurances, spotlight where additional capacity will soon be required, as well as highlight over-provisioning where usage can be increased without additional cost. The BaseN service provides system monitoring and measurement on a detailed level to enable early corrective action and immediate attention to problems, as well as real time and historical information for capacity planning.