New levels of accurate predictive maintenance, forecasts and trend analysis in energy infrastructures
Critical deployment infrastructure: Full visibility of infrastructure works & operations
Complete visibility of all operations – before, during and after the construction phase
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Rwanda has a developing economy and is currently building its telecommunications and electricity network infrastructure. Rwanda Energy Group (REG), a state-owned enterprise, responsible for electricity generation, transmission and distribution (T&D), built transmission networks using local contractors in Kigali and the rest of the country.

With the objective of building the T&D infrastructure, REG chose BaseN Platform due to its mission-critical, inherently scalable and fault-tolerant Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

The long-term goal was to conduct and enable activities throughout the whole lifecycle of the project, from the detailed planning to real-time monitoring and control. This included configuration efforts, system preparations and full transparency on the status of the project – at all time.

BaseN enables the critical power supply infrastructure roll-out in rural areas

The transmission line and network planning and execution with multiple nodes highlighted BaseN’s usability and versatility. BaseN Platform produced the required data at each of the geographical construction sites and integrated them for complete visibility of the overall project.

BaseN ensures the availability of real-time information to all stakeholders – one of the key success factors in managing complex energy projects.


Geographical complications due to inaccessible mountainous terrain and other social impact issues.

Difficulties with accessibility to the site, challenges with human resource allocation and right amount of adequate manpower with required level of expertise.

Rwanda map


A smart tracking system was deployed, which allowed digital and real-time follow-up of the implementation and maintenance of infrastructure projects.

The solution was tailored for electricity transmission lines and distribution networks, where multiple geographical locations were part of the running project.


  • Remote surveillance
  • Monitoring quality deviations & schedule adherence
  • Real-time information on activities
  • Visibility of complete project
  • Cost control
  • Early warning system for predicted malfunctions


Real-time and fault-tolerant monitoring by BaseN Platform allowed for transparency on the status of the project, which improved the operations’ efficiency.

The customer was able to optimize their resources and focus on long-term continuity.

The complete visibility of all operations – before, during and after the construction phase – led to new levels of accurate predictive maintenance, forecasts and trend analysis in the energy infrastructure sector.

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