Enabling Uninterrupted Manufacturing Processes
Smart Manufacturing for Efficient, Reliable and Sustainable Production
Giving Factories Full Visibility of all Ongoing Operations and Production Processes
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Receive full visibility of all ongoing operations and production processes in your factories. This allows for easy error detection, predictive maintenance and capacity planning, by identifying gaps between virtual and physical environments.

With BaseN Platform enabling the next generation of Digital Twins, manufacturing companies can manage, process and visualize massive amounts of data, leading to process optimization, cost reduction and increased productivity. On BaseN, companies can easily transform their business model from products to innovative services.

As a leading IoT platform provider, BaseN enables smart manufacturing for an efficient, reliable and sustainable production. With Basen’s powerful analytics, business critical information is available to all stake holders in real time.

A digital twin will be operating virtually in optimal conditions and will act as the best case example when monitoring the physical counterpart. As a result, it is possible to detect gaps during the physical operations and enhance the physical object and implement corrective actions or performance improvement configurations.

Handling of massive amounts of data is an essential component for manufacturing digital twins. With real time insights there is a clear understanding on any asset’s performance.

BaseN platform operates autonomously from any third party vendor on it’s cloud-based environment. This setup allows the full control of datacenters, servers, storage capacity, operating environment, platform core, device management and end user experience.

Due to this full stack integration, customers receive an SLA of 99.99% of platform availability, making the user experience unique. 

High-security production environments require a solution that is completely independent from external data sources. A private cloud option is available. The independence of the platform services allows full control and isolation from external dependencies.

Administration of private platform can be done remotely via remote access environment, or the platform can be operated even locally in highest security environments.

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BaseN enables manufacturing solutions for mission-critical operations. BaseN’s ICT monitoring is designed for widely distributed industries. BaseN Platform enables full network security and IT infrastructures. The real time view over the whole ICT and production processes ensures to predict any malfunctions.  

Players within the manufacturing industry can identify optimal equipment usage, forecast the flow of raw materials and recognise external factors (energy cost, transportation cost , reutilisation of resources). 

BaseN Platform creates algorithms including all given variables to ensure the competitive advantage. 

BaseN ICT monitoring environment is also suitable for integrating many systems or sub-systems that provide services like CRM, ERP or any other legacy applications, collecting data of any source and also serving as an umbrella platform for the customer to fully understand their operations.

Amcor has been working with BaseN on different areas, including creating monitoring elements for their enterprise ICT, amplifying the extensive use of the Net-Flow functionality, and developing the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for energy efficiency and operational solutions within factories.

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Trimble licensed BaseN Platform for Industrial Internet of Things applications. BaseN’s secure and scalable architecture has allowed Trimble to realize faster time-to-market, lower operating costs and improved workplace safety for a new class of applications.

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Norsepower Rotor Sails provide a reliable and easy-to-operate auxiliary wind propulsion system with a proven savings record. Norsepower Rotor Sails can typically reduce fuel consumption by 5-20%.  The Rotor Sails are highly automized to minimize the additional workload for the crew and to maximize the efficiency.  Real-time situational awareness is provided by BaseN IIoT platform.

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