Unleash the Power of Your Logs: Collection, Processing, and Visualization

Uncover valuable insights from your system with our comprehensive log management solution.

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of logs your systems generate? You’re not alone. But what if you could harness that data to improve performance, troubleshoot issues faster, and gain deeper understanding of your system’s health?

Our robust log management empowers you to do just that. 

Here’s how:

Effortless Log Collection:

  • Multiple Collection Channels – Gather logs from diverse sources, including:
    • Syslog: Leverage existing agents like our Java receiver or the new Go-based snitch for streamlined syslog collection. (Say goodbye to the deprecated Perl snitch!)
  • Probe-based Collection – Our powerful probe running on servers ingests data from various sources:
    • Event Log (Windows): Gain insights into Windows system events.
    • Journald (Linux): Uncover activity logs from Linux machines.
    • Local Syslog Output: Collect logs directly from your system’s syslog.
  • Tail Text Files – Monitor specific text files on disk for valuable information.

Streamlined Processing and Storage with Powerful Search:

  • Filter Out the Noise – Implement a filter pipeline to eliminate irrelevant logs using the existing “drop” function.
  • Smart Storage Solutions – Move beyond the limitations of writing logs to paths. Our system offers two advanced storage options:
    • Columnar Database: Leverage the power of columnar databases for efficient storage and retrieval of log data, with automatic schema creation based on path prefixes.
    • Metrics Collection: Track key metrics like rows per second (or other relevant measures) for each unique log source.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities  – Our new rowstore architecture enables efficient searches across massive datasets. Now you can:
    • Combine Log Streams: Uncover valuable insights by combining logs from multiple sources. (e.g., give me logs of all devices of type X, time period [a,b], along with which devices saw the same event)

Actionable Insights and Alerts:

  • Proactive Alerting: Configure alerts based on log priority, keywords, or other criteria, ensuring you’re notified of critical events in real-time.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate log data with existing filter chains for a unified view of your system’s activity.

Powerful Log Visualization:

  • Granular Search Capabilities: Search and visualize logs from:
    • Single Devices: Isolate log data from a specific device for focused analysis.
    • Multiple Devices: Gain a broader perspective by viewing logs from a group of devices.
    • Matching Criteria: Filter logs based on specific criteria to narrow down your search and find exactly what you need.
    • Timeframe Selection: Analyze logs within a defined time period for pinpointing events and trends.
  • Embrace the Power of Log Management:
    Don’t let valuable log data go to waste. Take control of your logs and unlock a world of insights. Contact us today to learn more!

    Additionally, our log management solution offers these advantages:
    • Efficient Distribution: Our system is designed for excellent data distribution, allowing you to ingest large amounts of data from various sources.
    • Multiple Protocol Support: We support a wide range of protocols, ensuring seamless integration with diverse systems.
    • Integration with Existing Infrastructure: Our solution integrates smoothly with the rest of your data platform and filter2 for a unified workflow.
    Agent-Based Conversion:  Our agents handle data conversion and communication with LogOps, ensuring seamless log collection from various sources.

Interested in log management?