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With a unified Internet of Things (IoT) platform like BaseN Platform, all involved stakeholders of construction projects can obtain just the right insights for their specific needs. This enables all parties to have higher awareness of the status of building projects.  

BaseN Platform collects, stores, analyzes, visualizes, and controls data from any device, sensor or RFID tag located in and around a construction site. This enables effortless monitoring of the entire work site, ranging from people to tools and other equipment. Gain insight into when and how long workers are on site, what areas they are working in, where expensive equipment is placed, and be notified when unauthorized persons enter the construction site. With these insights, BaseN’s customers in construction projects get to optimize their operations efficiently and improve their return on investments and overall cost-control.   

Multiple construction sites can also be seen from the same web portal, allowing you to track process at a glance at various locations.   

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