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The BaseN platform fully permits and enables the usage and management of physical assets, processes, and systems as digital twins.

Furthermore, since several years in proven production, the BaseN platform has been using the same digital twin concept for all aspects of its service operations, in how it monitors, analyses, and controls everything it manages, including the management of its own platform system components.

Under a BaseN terminology this is known as spime.

A spime is the complete logical software description and mastering reflection of a physical object, typically a device or any other entity that performs a function, or series of functions, in a digital service.

The spime is defined and conceived before the appearance of its physical counterpart.

In this sense, a spime is independent of its physical representation, which can come and go and be easily replaced.

An important capability of a spime is to fully describe and track the role(s), relationship(s), and function(s) of its physical representation, which includes all relevant knowledge of its ecosystem, attributes, capacities, etc. both present and past.

The information set in a spime and in its attributes is not static in nature, but can change dynamically over time.

For example, a device can be orchestrated to: a) upgrade itself based on a certain predefined threshold being reached; b) or to update its attribute set and assume a different role in its digital ecosystem than before; c) or to use a different communication protocol; d) or to seek, find, register, and move over and install itself on a new hardware host that meets new required capacity or security requirements.

Because the core of BaseN platform’s operational nature is fully based on a spime architecture, it lends itself to fully enabling digital services which evolve and which have the capability to change over time.


This is opposed to static instances of services, such as conventional software designs that need to be manually redesigned and re-launched whenever a change is needed.

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