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BaseN Spime Enablers

The Spime Enabler is a reference hardware device by BaseN. It is designed to work out-of-the-box with BaseN's global Spime service, enabling not only rapid prototyping but also quick field installations with proven components. The Spime Enabler is aiming to satisfy the need for a flexible, open and robust automation controller, which can be programmed in any way an experienced Linux-user could possibly want. This controller has no restrictions on programming languages or connectivity options that are common to many industrial programmable controllers and comes with standard protocol support, such MODBUS, PROFIBUS, CAN, M-Bus, and many more. The controller is a native TCP/IP host and its network connectivity options include LAN, WLAN and LTE/3G, WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth. For the fieldbus connectivity RS-232 and RS485 interfaces are available.  

The BaseN Spime Enabler is additionally also available purely as a reference design, should you wish to build and deploy your own hardware version.

Naturally, usage of the BaseN’s Spime Enbler is optional and hence separately priced from the rest of the BaseN platform functions. Please contact your designated BaseN sales representative to obtain specific pricing information.