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Situational awareness as the backbone for smart sustainable shipping and ports at global scale

With its full stack platform, BaseN takes the complete responsibility for all critical IoT components without any reliance upon third party cloud, software or even hosting providers. This is one of the key aspects why mission critical customers from various industries trust BaseN. We bring real time processing and powerful analytics to your massive data flows. 

We increase productivity, resource optimization and continuous operations using a platform-as-a-service framework and are ideally suited for the maritime industries' data lake requirements. Additionally, BaseN provides the integration and connectivity of all legacy and contemporary hardware and software that is necessary for continuous and secure operations. We enable real-time, bi-directional data flows for the next generation of ships and components, enabling the transformation from digital twins to spimes, the virtual counterpart of any physical thing. 

BaseN provides one umbrella platform to unify all relevant data streams for analysis, enrichment, correlation, monitoring, control, longterm storage, and visualisation. Each stakeholder is provided with insights meeting their exact needs. 

data lake shipping spime

the insights that matter for each stakeholder 

Ship ecosystem

  • a ship's next generation digital twin

  • monitoring and control of all individual components (power lines, rotors, ventilation, navigation system, cargo, ...)

  • ship as an object

  • predictive and reactive maintenance

  • big data analytics

  • forecasts

Port ecosystem

  • a port's next generation digital twin

  • terminal access control and automation

  • digital infrastructure management

  • port data lake: all data from all devices, connections, and equipment

  • workforce management and optimization

  • smart grid management and control

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Selected reference customer success stories:

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