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BaseN Security Monitoring & Control

The BaseN platform includes full-fledged support for real-time detection, in-depth analysis and control of several types of network and systems security threats and cyber attacks. BaseN offers a complete SaaS-based monitoring solution for Security Monitoring and Control that has already been used extensively to protect and safeguard networks globally by identifying numerous different types of malicious behaviors, and cyber attacks to systems, devices and networks typically used in cyber warfare scenarios. 


Grounded in the same BaseN core platform capabilities that enables us to provide highly fine-grained traffic analysis, BaseN’s Security Monitoring and Control is fundamentally based on detection of anomalies and alerting of discrepancies originating from the occurrence of suspicious thresholds. By monitoring traffic patterns across a very large number of measurement points, BaseN can alert on changed traffic patterns and/or any combination of traffic patterns also across CDN (Content Delivery Network) scenarios. A multitude of security attack types can be detected as reflected by abnormal performance behaviors in devices, in systems and across complex networks. 


BaseN’s Security Monitoring and Control makes comprehensive use of our trending analysis capability, which based on machine learning methods is also highly adaptive in nature, to detect security threats, and BaseN can for example profile server-client connections to over time be able to detect new unusual suspicious occurrences of connectivity coming into play. Hence, based on BaseN’s tracking of detailed information about a network and its resources in its widest sense, we can detect and analyze a plethora of security-related changes, including suspicious packets, the detection of fingerprinting, denial of service attacks, security issues across CDNs, and manage verification of SSL certificates, monitoring of computer ports, and monitoring of mobile spectrums for rough access, etc. BaseN’s exceptionally scalable and fault-tolerant platform makes our SaaS solution extremely well suited to serve as a repository for analysis of vast volumes of security-related data.