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BaseN Predictive Analysis

The BaseN platform includes full-fledged support for in-depth predictive analysis, for example in order to accurately identify important future performance trends in network traffic data, forecast future network faults and outages and their root-causes, or for purposes of doing timely equipment capacity planning. BaseN offers a complete SaaS-based monitoring solution for predictive analysis that has already been used extensively to optimize network management globally by many of our customers. BaseN predictive analysis fully integrates with the rest of the BaseN platform’s many other capabilities, and collects, analyzes, alerts, and offers advanced reports for example about what your future network status will look like, what will occur where and when, and permits you to take action long before an actual problem reaches your doorstep.


The following sections of this document describes how algorithms in our template based SaaS system can be configured to perform highly scalable detailed analysis which is not only highly predictive but also fully adaptive in nature, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods that are already built-in to the BaseN platform. 


Usage of BaseN’s monitoring solution for predictive analysis is optional and separately priced from the rest of the BaseN platform functions. Please contact your designated BaseN sales representative to obtain specific pricing information.