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The future of work and business - what's spime got to do with it

Updated: Jan 2

SPIME2019, BaseN's outstanding IoT conference, took place on December 11-12 at the Finnish Labor Museum Werstasin Tampere, Finland. BaseN's fifth annual IoT conference focused on the theme “the furture of work and the future of business” discovering, among other things, large iot ecosystems such as smart cities.

They keynote was delivered by Aleksi Suhonen, Chairman of the Board, Trex Regional Exchanges Oy who discussed IPv4 address hijacking and the importance of a secure connected environment. The speaker lineup also included Dr. Raimo Vuopionperä, CEO and co-founder of Bamomas who showcased how the life span of batteries can be prolonged by using sensor data. Ms. Marjan Marbouti addressed the importance of remote sensing of sea ice, followed by Martti Ylikoski who introduced several ways to mainstream IoT in developing countries. The last presentation of SPIME2019 was held by Mia Ala-Juusela of VTT who introduced and highlighted the importance of energy positive neighborhoods and what’s spime got to do with it.

BaseN sincerely thanks all speakers for their contribution and is looking forward to hosting SPIME2020. If you are a spime expert or want to become one, get in touch with sonja.poyry@basen.net and you will be included in the planning for SPIME2020.