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BaseN customer data security not affected by major cyber threat

First reported by Tech Publication The Register on Tuesday, two major microchip flaws potentially affect billions of devices. These flaws could leave computers and smartphones vulnerable to security breaches in form of malicious data leaks.

The bug that is located in the processor could allow malicious attacks and efficiently leak information such as user passwords and open tabs due to data cache timing.

Experiments confirm that it is possible to use similar techniques from Web content to read private information from various storage spaces.

BaseN position is that our customers' data privacy has not been compromised at any point by above reported incident, due to BaseN customer specific code being executed in a sandboxed environment which does not have privileges to read or write to or from the filesystem or access memory at arbitrary locations.

BaseN is only secondarily affected as our operating systems (BaseN Platform Operating Environment, BPOE) will naturally get updated with the latest patches to fix the generic bug. This may result in slight transactions per second performance decrease in BaseN parallel data reception nodes, however this will be mitigated with add-on capacity when required.

For more information, please contact our CEO Pasi Hurri (pasi.hurri (at) basen.net) or Communications Officer Sonja Schubert (sonja.schubert (at) basen.net)

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