In the Smart Building space BaseN enables hardware vendors, construction companies, metering system suppliers, property owners and energy utilities alike to enter the Internet of Things and, by that, a new era of efficiency and sustainability.

BaseN enables a quick, easy and cost-efficient large scale rollout of Smart Commercial and Residential Buildings. With BaseN Platform you can record and manage the entire lifecycle of a building.

BaseN Platform offers smart data analytics for increased energy efficiency, security and living comfort.

BaseN Platform powerfully combines all home consumption information (water, electricity, heating energy) with home control features, e.g. remotely switching off lights and specific sockets.

User-friendly support for effortless energy awareness and real savings

BaseN`s real-time monitoring and control system for electricity and water consumption helps to positively influence resource awareness and usage.

BaseN combines consumption information with smart data analytics and remote home control (home/away) features.

Interconnected Health - The IoT, Smart Buildings and People

Through spimes in the Internet of Things, smart homes are empowered to ensure the wellbeing of their residents. We now live in a world of smart homes and connected objects. However, true value comes from even smarter means. Whereas the Internet of Things (IoT) is at large about simply connecting everything, more can and should be done when it comes to analysis and control.

The environment and other conditions in and around any building change over time. That is why it is essential to record the entire lifecycle of a building and the people (and things) living in it. On top of all that stored data, smart algorithms make automatically aware of any changes and create predictions for the future. All that creates a virtual smart counterpart of the entire building. This counterpart is known as spime.

Everything is connected: The next level of Smart Buildings

Through sensor-equipped building components, e.g. heat pumps and ventilation units, lifetime data is gathered from the very beginning and correlated with other conditions inside and outside the building. Access to this data is provided to tenants and facility management. The building`s energy and water consumption and environmental conditions (CO2 concentration, indoor temperature, humidity level) are also managed through the building`s spime.

The spime, for example, automatically adjusts ventilation if the level of CO2 concentration in the house is detected to be too high. The tenants are also able to access all the information on the air quality through their customer portals. In addition, production measurements of the rooftop PV cells are fed to the spime, providing useful performance data to the facility management as well.

The fact that the spimes record the full lifetime history of the houses allows tracking changes in energy consumption and environmental patterns over time. This enables optimisation of various settings, ensures preventive maintenance in case of suboptimal performance of equipment, and gives full transparency to both the tenants and the service company.

Fully spime`d houses

Existing energy and water consumption management systems can be complimented by additional features, thus providing more security to prevent water leakages in the apartments for instance. This can be done by introducing a home away feature, which notifies the tenant when water is consumed at home, while he or she is away.

During construction works quality of building materials might be influenced by various factors: the woods can be partially wet after heavy rains at the construction site and the concrete can be utilised by the workers when it is not at the appropriate level of dryness. However, due to scheduling issues, constructors are often pressured to use the materials when those are not in a perfect state. Spiming building materials already during the construction phase will help solving this challenge. Additionally, sensors kept in the concrete also after the house construction has been finalised, allow for constantly analysing the moisture levels of the houses` walls, thereby ensuring that the house breathes the way it should.

The most important aspect, though, is the effect on the quality of life of the building`s inhabitants. Their home`s spime will always ensure that they live in perfect living conditions automatically adjusting, eg temperature and lighting, and will allow for immediate preventive action, such as in the case of deterioration of air quality. The home becomes an active enabler of a person`s health, wellbeing and happiness.