Spimes on the Industrial Internet (of Things)

BaseN was established to provide extremely scalable and fault-tolerant network and service management systems for telecommunications operators and large multinational enterprises, and is positioning itself as the primary platform for Spimes in the Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT).

At the core of the BaseN design philosophy is the concept of Spime, a logical incarnation of any thing. Spimes record and manage the full lifecycle of their physical representations as physical hardware and support software come and go. As such an object can be considered a Spime when all of its essential programming is managed in the cloud. The Spime concept was originally crafted by the author Bruce Sterling as a neologism for a futuristic Internet of Things object.

BaseN is ideally suited for IoT Operations:

Unprecedented scalability: IoT often requires systems to process data from millions or even 10s of millions of devices and objects in real-time, something our fully distributed architecture handles with ease.

Fully owned Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): BaseN platform does not use any third party commercial licenses. This enables unprecedented commercial scalability for billions of things.

Fault tolerance, security, and no down-times: IoT communications are often mission-critical and because of our fully resilient and secure architecture we can warrant that data is never lost, missed, or misused.

An extensible platform with extensive support for IoT already: Starting off in network fault and performance management, we quickly added monitoring of meters, sensors, RFIDs, and we keep adding support for new devices and objects weekly.

Deep real-time analysis that let you focus on what matters: A 5 million alarm-storm is not useful information unless you are also notified about the root cause(s), and with fully customizable thresholds we are able to let you combine any relevant data types into alarms and events in any combination.

Removes the headache, complexity, and risk with IoT: Our SaaS offering removes the need for large upfront investments in hardware, software licenses, and administration, and we have multiple deployment options: as a public cloud or as a fully private cloud secured inside your data center and network.