BaseN Platform Release Notes

BaseN is the global full stack and inherently scalable platform provider for billions of spimes, the core objects of the Internet of Things. Spime is the permanent logical brain and memory of any physical Thing. BaseN currently manages over one million spime transactions per second in its own global infrastructure, and enables the transformation from physical products to intelligent services in any industry.

Latest Platform Developments

17.11.2 Enhanced version of User Manager for better day to day user management (including groups and permissions), Improvements to user authentication and caching of permissions, Implementation of Logger statistics per realm

17.11.1 User Interface configurations for Netflow data collection

17.11.0 Increased speed for alert database cache invalidation

17.10.0 Added timestamping of Filter summary values, Email statistics per realm were implemented, Enhanced menu options enabling entity tree hierarchies with multiple sorting layers and grouping methods, Better displaying of reloading alerts

17.8.0 Adjustments to searching and filtering large data sets for a better user experience, Sigfox integration template (including final visualization) was created, Various statistics per realm were made available, Support for BridgeWave radiolinks was implemented, Improvements to inventory relationship analysis (route regeneration split into a separate thread)

17.7.0 Improvements to usability of alert viewer (introducing two new filter fields: 'Customer' and 'Entity')

17.6.0 BaseN Platform now fully supports Timetra devices (read more here), Extensions to the functionality of maintenance windows and root cause analysis