AmCham: Amcham Finland is an international business-to-business network whose mission is to make Finland a more globally savvy and connected market. As a result, everyone benefits. As an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and fully member-funded non-profit, Amcham is in a perfect position to move the needle. Indeed, Amcham stands for Ambition Champions.

Finnish Information Security Cluster: Finnish Information Security Cluster is an organization established in 2012 by major Finnish information security companies to promote their business and operations in national and international context. We believe that cyber security involves everyone. It requires extensive public-private-partnership cooperation models.

Finnish Industrial Internet Forum is a company driven activity that catalyzes starting, testing, planning, breeding or failing fast activities, which concretize the Industrial Internet visions into a good, sustainable business for Finnish companies.

TM Forum is the global industry association that drives collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers.

Cleantech Finland is a hub of Finnish cleantech expertize and sustainable innovations.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is a professional association headquartered in New York City that is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence. It has more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries.

Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Tekes is the most important publicly funded expert organisation for financing research, development and innovation in Finland. Tekes boosts wide-ranging innovation activities in research communities, industry and service sectors.

Finnish Clean Energy Association Powering Finland with clean energy. The goal is to make renewable energy use as easy as possible for Finns as well as to help clean energy industry to grow. The focus is on renewable energy, smart energy solutions and energy efficiency. Members are clean energy companies, renewable energy sector associations, clean energy experts and prosumers. Activities include communications, organizing events and seminars, lobbying and carrying out development projects.

Technology Industries of Finland Over 90% of the Federation's member companies are small or medium-sized. The SME Committee representing the small and medium-sized companies of the branch has produced an entrepreneurship programme, the goal of which is to improve the companies' operational preconditions and restoring their competitiveness.