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Keeping a retailer’s operations up and running

Kesko's 2000 stores and their supply chains rely on BaseN Platform 

Leading European multi-sector retailer Kesko has more than 19 retail chains operating 2000 stores in 8 countries. Central ICT provides end-to-end services for supply chain, sales support and POS (point of sales) transactions, but resources are widely spread.

Kesko’s ICT operates as its own integrator providing all ICT services from a single source

– purchasing services and integration from several third parties while also producing business-critical services on their own.

Store networking is provided by local integrators that also maintain the hardware at the more distant locations. This complex integration of internal solutions, datacenter services, telecoms services, local networking integrators and specialized application such as CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning ) and POS, and the outsources help-desk service, are all invisible to the retailer.

BaseN provides high quality end-to-end monitoring that also captures the root-cause-analysis that makes recovery from fault situations faster. Each target device is monitored by two separate data collectors, making BaseN highly fault-tolerant. Incoming data is evaluated by BaseN Platform’s Issue Manager against SLA and other alert thresholds, and events for correlation. Each data collector can monitor approximately 2500 devices.