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January 28, 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of the annual Data Privacy day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness and promote best practices regarding privacy and data protection. 

While the majority of us already interacts with at least 3 to 5 devices daily, one estimate is that by 2030 we will use on average 15 connected devices. These future predictions also indicate that the responsibility for privacy and security may shift from the end user to companies that provide the used devices – for example smart meters. This means that also the network infrastructure needs to be secure at any point in time. BaseN sees this a key requirement for enabling a secure and trustworthy IoT environment. 

For BaseN, data privacy and security is of utmost importance. BaseN ensures customer privacy with its full stack IoT platform being independent from all other cloud providers. 

Today marks the 18th edition of “Safer Internet Day” with actions taking place around the globe. The theme “Together for a better internet” calls upon all stakeholders to join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all.

With the increased use of the Internet in our hyperconnected world, the need for creating a safe online environment also rises. For BaseN, security is of paramount importance and is a built-in feature of its platform. BaseN advocates better security and situational awareness across industries and is also a member of the Finnish Internet Security Cluster (FISC).

The IEEE ComSoc International Communications, Quality and Reliability Workshop is held annually with the purpose of bringing together industry and academic experts to present and discuss communications quality, reliability and security issues. 

With the beginning COVID-19 pandemic, the world had to adapt quickly to changes. Suddenly, working remote whenever feasible became the new norm. This stressed the need for quality and reliability of communication on a global scale. It also shaped the topic of the IEEE CQR2021 workshop: Bridging the Digital Divide – Quality, Reliability and Secure Access for All. 

The workshop will identify problems and solutions to bring quality, reliable, and secure access to the under-served in rural and urban areas. The problems and solutions will be discussed from three perspectives in the sessions – Reachability, Equity and Extensibility.

Apart of the above-mentioned sessions, we will have thought-provoking keynotes by Mr. Dan Sjöblom, Director General of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and Mr. Edward “Smitty” Smith, Managing Partner, DLA Piper. The latter will be supported with an amazing panel discussion featuring academia and industry experts alike. 

BaseN is proud to be a bronze patron for this workshop as BaseN stands for scalability, fault-tolerance and mission-criticality.

BaseN is happy to announce it’s 7th annual IoT conference SPIME2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, SPIME2021 will be held virtual. 

The digital transformation takes place at an unprecedented speed. Many businesses had to shift promptly when the world around us changed, and we had to adjust to the new normal. The adoption of digital technologies is a must across industries to remain competitive and relevant. 

The conference will focus on unfinished innovations from the past and we will kickstart SPIME2021 with a series of breakout sessions on October 11 leading to the main event day on October 14. 

Join us on a digital journey across industries (telecommunication, shipping, and construction) in the breakout sessions to explore the use and benefits created through digital twins. Accompany us on an expedition reflecting on the past to see what lies in the present and the future on the main date of the event. 

You can register for free and find a more detailed program right here https://www.basen.net/spime2021_iot-event/

The Future of Robotics in Finland seminar serves to bring together the Finnish community of researchers, professionals and students around robotics and its related fields and will take place as a hybrid event on Thursday, October 21st. The seminar is organized by BaseN and the IEEE Finland Joint Chapter of Control System Society Robotics and Automation Society and System, Man and Cybernetics Society and will address the topic of Smart Mobility Innovations. The half-day seminar will have keynote presentations and pitch talks from companies and researchers and will further feature live demos.

BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri, a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers also serves as the Chair of IEEE Finland Joint Chapter of CSS/RAS/SMCS.

Today, December 7, 2021, marks the 20-year anniversary of BaseN Corporation.

This was just the beginning. BaseN continuously keeps growing and we are looking forward to a bright future and an exciting twenty years ahead!

The Java Log4j vulnerability which has been recently found in many cloud environments and services around the internet does NOT affect BaseN or any of our platform components. The Java Development Kit version we are using is newer than the affected ones. BaseN is not vulnerable for the bug.

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