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Outstanding service quality for the largest data centers

Accurate and transparent monitoring and billing in real-time through BaseN

For T-Mobile, BaseN provides a unified Platform to manage all existing technologies in the Data Center. Each T-Mobile Data Center customer gets an extensive customer portal including transparent billing information.

Real-time access to critical data is available for both T-Mobile integrated Network Operating Center (NOC) and to the end users, in unparalleled granularity.

BaseN was selected as it is the most scalable, fault tolerant and flexible Platform to be integrated to the existing, heterogenous infrastructure of T-Mobile.

After using the BaseN Platform already for several years in performance monitoring of IP VPN (Cisco, Juniper, Ciena, OneAccess and more) and Ethernet lines (Ciena, Alcatel Lucent and more), T-Mobile expanded it's use also for its Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE on VMware).