Building solid customer trust

BaseN offers accurate and timely performance feedback to T-Mobile customers

T-Mobile assembles the latest technology ranging from basic voice and data to complex virtual private networks and managed data center services. BaseN provides T-Mobile foundations for performance and status monitoring of data services, of VIP care and of non-telco devices.

T-Mobile Ethernet service helps customers to meet the growing demand for ethernet transport technology in a flexible and cost effective matter. This may be within a metropolitan environment or even where customers are looking to take raw bandwidth between their off-net sites over long distances with Ethernet interfaces instead of traditional Leased Line services.

T-Mobile Virtual Hosting enables organizations to outsource computing equipment and maintenance. This allows customers to purchase computing units that fit current needs and that can easily scale in the future. Customers can either have single Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or a whole Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE). VHE contains a pool of above mentioned resources and a number of Virtual Machines. T-Mobile CZ Virtual Hosting relies on the VMWare vSphere solution.

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