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Enabling green shipping 
at global scale 

Reliable real time insights to rotating sails for various stakeholders 

Norsepower is a leading manufacturer of rotor sails. The sails need reliable real-time monitoring and information output to various stakeholders. 
Norsepower considers BaseN as the best fit for their needs.


BaseN's agent server collects the data on the ship and transmits the data near real-time to the platform that runs the complicated parameters of the sail.  Management of the rotating sails is almost fully automated. Data is sent to BaseN Platform which analyzes the input and creates user portals with various levels of detail and reports to all stakeholders.

BaseN has nearly 20 years of experience in data communication monitoring and control. Strong cooperation with low band-with solutions like satellite communication makes BaseN a perfect partner for Norsepower to build a proper and reliable solution for rotating sails. 

Smooth communication, increased 
productivity and optimized resources

Real-time monitoring and management with BaseN Platform provides accurate results enabling Norsepower to collect, analyze, manage and report the data collected from the sails and other sources for enrichment, like current weather, weather forecasts or navigation information of the vessel.


Basen’s offering that was built  together with Norsepower gives very accurate information for managing the sails and providing related information to all stakes holders. 


BaseN's drill down portals give Norsepower the means to early identify any required reactions


Granularity of reporting, both real-time and historic, enables each vessel to have a BaseN portal allowing them to see their sails condition. In general,
managing sail operation in normal conditions, recognizing fast the alarm situations and recovering fast to operation are the key advantages of BaseN Platform.